Dating Safety

In Fkmeet, we are very seriously theprotection of members' privacy. We consistently manage all your personal homepage on the site, photos, and the language used, and do everything we can toprotect your privacy and security. However, we want to remind you: onlinesecurity is your responsibility, which is very important. So be careful, thinktwice. Protect their own safety!
·  Notto any third party - to share or disclose your password - even your friends. Ifyou lose or disclose your password may compromise your private data. If yourprofile is hacked, please report it to our team through our feedback page.
· When you are a new understanding of people still do not know, you do noteasily reveal personal information. This includes disclose your e-mail address,instant messaging contact details, full name and URL. Please do not tell othersyour financial information, such as credit card information.
· Some crooks will fake behalf of our company or other companies requireyou to pay a non-called courier or services provided directly to the site Fkmeetprizes, so please be sure to be especially vigilant. In particular, you shouldnote that when someone says they have difficulties with your money when - Thisusually is a hoax.
·  Ifyou encounter any improper behavior, click the report violation link, our teamwill receive the report immediately. If you communicate with someone whenmembers feel uncomfortable, you can also find the option to block themembership. Do not tolerate any rude or harassing behavior - or to prevent themembers of our customer service team reported. We will deal with these mattersas soon as possible, we have a comprehensive monitoring system to monitor theseaspects and quality control.
Tips for meeting up offline
· When you talk to just know the new members and asked them to recentphotos - preferably within the past four weeks shot
·  Donot force yourself to go to meet with each other; only when you are ready to gobefore they can meet.
· Where you intend to go to tell your friends, and let them give you acall or send an SMS to confirm your safety. Please make sure to bring enoughfully charged cell phone and balances, and timely to meet the situation andwhen to inform your friends home safely.
· Make your own arrangements for travel to and from the meeting place oftransport - do not meet in each other or their own home. Best Never discloseyour address, unless you are already familiar with each other.
· Please make sure to arrange the first meeting in the daytime as well asin public places, and when you awake! Please do not drink too much wine at themeet, and always will be his belongings and drinks in their eyes.